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New Jersey Business Law Attorney
At my law firm, Barry F. Gartenberg, L.L.C., I offer legal services to new and established businesses and their owners, executives, and managers. I serve clients throughout New Jersey, as well as out-of-state clients in need of counsel and representation in New Jersey. Because I have owned a business myself, I understand the many issues that business owners face. As an entrepreneur having been involved in a number of ventures, I am also aware of the challenges of startup and newly established organizations. Whatever the type and size of your business, I pledge to work with you and protect your interests in the very dynamic environment of business law.



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I am a business lawyer who handles matters related to business law, including business formation, governance (i.e., the way in which a company is directed, administered or controlled, as well as the relationship between owners, managers and other key people), business transactions, business dispositions (e.g., the purchase and sale of businesses), business dissolutions, business litigation and dispute resolution, employment issues, and commercial property. Contact Barry F. Gartenberg, L.L.C. to learn how I can help you or your company.
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I offer clients a combination of commitment to excellence, business experience, scholarship, outstanding academic achievement, and client focus.i-home-flag





  • Dedication to legal advocacy. I have been practicing law since 1997. When I established my own law practice, I chose a motto that reflects my dedication… Studium Praestantiae in Jure Suadendo (Commitment to Excellence in Legal Advocacy).
  • Practical business experience. I owned and managed businesses and ventures for 18 years prior to entering into the practice law in 1997.
  • Scholarship and teaching experience. I devote significant time to the study of, and teaching of law. I am an adjunct professor at several local colleges and universities, including Fairleigh Dickinson University and Montclair State University, where I teach courses related to my legal practice areas. In addition, I have authored numerous business law articles and I often speak at seminars and programs for attorneys, professionals and business owners.
  • Educational qualifications. In addition to my doctorate degree in law, I hold a bachelor of science degree in business management and a master of business administration degree in finance.
  • Focus on clients’ needs. I understand the need for real-time counsel and I make a special point of being accessible and responsive to clients. I am sensitive to clients’ budgetary concerns and limitations. I work with clients to provide practical, effective, and thoughtful solutions to legal issues and problems that can help avoid the expense and distraction of prolonged disputes and lawsuits.


i-home-flagContact my Springfield, New Jersey law office today at (973) 921-0600 to arrange your initial consultation. I respond promptly to all inquiries. Evening and weekend appointments, as well as appointments at your office or facility, can be arranged.