Key Business Law Sites

A wealth of information is available on the World Wide Web. I urge “web surfers” to carefully vet web resources. Many web “resources” are unreliable. Below you will find links to a few official government related websites that may be of interest and value.

United States Internal Revenue Service

United States Securities Exchange Commission

United States Federal Trade Commission

United States Patent and Trademark Office

United States Small Business Administration

State of New Jersey Department of Treasury

Legal Services for Indigent or Low Income Individuals

I am sensitive to budgetary constraints and make every effort to ensure my fees are competitive and that they represent exceptional value. If your budget cannot sustain legal fees, you may wish to explore organizations that provide free (or reduced fee) legal services and/or referrals for such services to indigent or low income individuals. Local organizations include:

Legal Services of New Jersey
100 Metroplex Drive, Suite 402
P.O. Box 1357
Edison, NJ 08818-1357

Volunteer Lawyers for Justice
P.O. Box 32040
Newark, NJ 07102